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Cellular senescence in brain aging and neurodegeneration

Lipid profile in breast cancer: From signaling pathways to treatment strategies

Novel SK channel positive modulators prevent ferroptosis and excitotoxicity in neuronal cells

Characterization of Lipopolysaccharide Effects on LRRK2 Signaling in RAW Macrophages

Chemical structure and biological activity of the (1 → 3)-linked β-D-glucan isolated from marine diatom Conticribra weissflogii

Mitochondrial dysfunction mediates neuronal cell response to DMMB photodynamic therapy

Mitochondrial transplantation rescues neuronal cells from ferroptosis

Negative modulation of mitochondrial calcium uniporter complex protects neurons against ferroptosis

Species-specific metabolic reprogramming in human and mouse microglia during inflammatory pathway induction

LRRK2 protects immune cells against erastin-induced ferroptosis

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