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Be Aware of the Benefits of Drafting in Sports and Take Your Advantage: A Meta-Analysis

Drafting in long-track speed skating team pursuit on the ice rink

How to improve movement execution in sidestep cutting? Involve me and I will learn

Measures of Physical Fitness Improve Prediction of Kayak and Canoe Sprint Performance in Young Kayakers and Canoeists

Optimal and suboptimal video instructions change movement execution in young talented basketball players

Pacing behavior development in adolescent swimmers: A large-scale longitudinal data analysis

Technical skills in complex tennis situations: Dutch talented players U15 compared to players U17

Tracking performance and its underlying characteristics in talented swimmers: a longitudinal study during the junior-to-senior transition

Unraveling the Role of (Meta-) Cognitive Functions in Pacing Behavior Development during Adolescence: Planning, Monitoring, and Adaptation

A risk-reward assessment of passing decisions: comparison between positional roles using tracking data from professional men's soccer

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Hoe uitzonderlijk is het om op je 35ste de snelste van de wereld te zijn?

Het maakbare uur; een zoektocht naar de ultieme wielerprestatie.


Alles wat je moet weten over hardlopen


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