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Diffusion-enhanced exciton dissociation in single-material organic solar cells

Excited state dynamics and exciton diffusion in triphenylamine/dicyanovinyl push-pull small molecule for organic optoelectronics

Microfluidic out-of-equilibrium control of molecular nanotubes

Molecular versus excitonic disorder in individual artificial light-harvesting systems

Powering rotary molecular motors with low-intensity near-infrared light

Suspect peaks in Russia's “referendum” results

Triphenylamine/Tetracyanobutadiene-Based π-Conjugated Push–Pull Molecules End-Capped with Arene Platforms: Synthesis, Photophysics, and Photovoltaic Response

Ultrafast dynamics of molecular motors driven by near-infrared light

Ultrafast spectroscopy reveals structural heterogeneity of artificial light-harvesters

Hot carrier extraction in CH3NH3PbI3 unveiled by pump-push-probe spectroscopy

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