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Digest it all: the lysosomal turnover of cytoplasmic aggregates

The AAA+ chaperone VCP disaggregates Tau fibrils and generates aggregate seeds in a cellular system.

Gel-like inclusions of C-terminal fragments of TDP-43 sequester stalled proteasomes in neurons

Plasticity-Related Gene 5 Is Expressed in a Late Phase of Neurodifferentiation After Neuronal Cell-Fate Determination

Systematic expression analysis of plasticity-related genes in mouse brain development brings PRG4 into play

Fluc-EGFP reporter mice reveal differential alterations of neuronal proteostasis in aging and disease

In situ architecture of neuronal α-Synuclein inclusions

Multiple pathways of toxicity induced by C9orf72 dipeptide repeat aggregates and G4C2 RNA in a cellular model

The extracellular chaperone Clusterin enhances Tau aggregate seeding in a cellular model

An inventory of interactors of the human HSP60/HSP10 chaperonin in the mitochondrial matrix space

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