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Gender stereotypes may not influence the choice of female leaders: Experimental evidence from a crisis framed as social or economic during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sex Wars and TERF Wars: The Divisiveness of Who is Included in Feminism

Understanding the Impact of Context on Ambition: Gender Role Conformity Negatively Influences Adolescent Boys’ Ambition Scores in an Educational Context

Why We Should Stop Trying to Fix Women: How Context Shapes and Constrains Women’s Career Trajectories

Accelerating gender and sexuality inclusion in organisations: Introduction to the special issue and academic agenda

Addressing workplace gender inequality: Using the evidence to avoid common pitfalls

Diversity: Revisiting Ancona & Caldwell’s ‘Demography and Design’ Study

Gender and social class inequalities in higher education: intersectional reflections on a workshop experience

Gendered Self-Views across 62 Countries: A Test of Competing Models

Gender expectations, socioeconomic inequalities and definitions of career success: A qualitative study with university students

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