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Practical matters How to find us ing. M.R. (Marinella) Visser


Development of a dry, stable and inhalable acyl-homoserine-lactone-acylase powder formulation for the treatment of pulmonary Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections


Surface-active derivative of inulin (Inutec® SP1) is a superior carrier for solid dispersions with a high drug load

Effect of drug-carrier interaction on the dissolution behavior of solid dispersion tablets

Gastro-intestinal delivery of influenza subunit vaccine formulation adjuvanted with Gram-positive enhancer matrix (GEM) particles

Influenza antigen-sparing by immune stimulation with Gram-positive enhancer matrix (GEM) particles

Inulin solid dispersion technology to improve the absorption of the BCS Class IV drug TMC240

Strongly enhanced dissolution rate of fenofibrate solid dispersion tablets by incorporation of superdisintegrants

Unexpected differences in dissolution behavior of tablets prepared from solid dispersions with a surfactant physically mixed or incorporated

Characterization of the molecular distribution of drugs in glassy solid dispersions at the nano-meter scale, using differential scanning calorimetry and gravimetric water vapour sorption techniques

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