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Research interests

My primary research interest lies in visual cognition, to understand how the brain and mind enable us to perceive, attend, and remember information from our visual environment. Other subjects that interest me include judgment and decision making, scientific reasoning, and the application of insights from cognitive psychology to understanding phenomena in every-day life.  


I currently supervise four PhD projects about the following subjects:

Hemispheric specialization in  visual information processing: Sanne Brederoo

Guidance of attention by information in working memory: Edyta Sasin

Psychology of second chances and resit exams: Rob Nijenkamp

Media-multitasking and information processing: Wisnu Wiradhany





Memory-driven attentional capture reveals the waxing and waning of working memory activation due to dual-task interference

Do Resit Exams Promote Lower Investments of Study Time? Theory and Data from a Laboratory Study

On making the right choice: A meta-analysis and large-scale replication attempt of the unconscious thought advantage

Beyond a Mask and Against the Bottleneck: Retroactive Dual-Task Interference During Working Memory Consolidation of a Masked Visual Target

Cognitive control in media multitaskers: Two replication studies and a meta-Analysis

Second Chances in Learning: Does a Resit Prospect Lower Study-Time Investments on a First Test?

Training modulates memory-driven capture

Proximate mechanisms of the survival-processing advantage: Predicting memory from object and scenario-specific judgment parameters

Media multitasking, mind-wandering, and distractibility: A large-scale study

Towards a unified understanding of lateralized vision: A large-scale study investigating principles governing patterns of lateralization using a heterogeneous sample

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Groot op 5: Radio interview about forgetting passwords

Unconscious thought not so smart after all

Blokken of gokken?

The good, the bad, and the media multi-tasking: It’s all the internet’s fault. Or is it?

When a flash a memory makes: Memorability of pictures in an RSVP task

“Fuhgeddaboudit” if you can: When remembering may help you forget about a bad date

Pois, amigo, sua intuição não é tão boa quanto você pensava

Tezke izbire in majhni vzorci

Бессознательное не помогает принять правильное решение


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