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Enantiomer-specific pharmacokinetics of D,L-3-hydroxybutyrate: Implications for the treatment of multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency

Aspartame and Phe-Containing Degradation Products in Soft Drinks across Europe

Does the 48-hour BH4 loading test miss responsive PKU patients?

Dried blood spot versus venous blood sampling for phenylalanine and tyrosine

Effects of acute nutritional ketosis during exercise in adults with glycogen storage disease typeIIIaare phenotype-specific: An investigator-initiated, randomized, crossover study

Instability of Acylcarnitines in Stored Dried Blood Spots: The Impact on Retrospective Analysis of Biomarkers for Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Inter-laboratory analytical improvement of succinylacetone and nitisinone quantification from dried blood spot samples

Methylmalonic acid, vitamin B12, renal function, and risk of all-cause mortality in the general population: results from the prospective Lifelines-MINUTHE study

Relationship between serum B12 concentrations and mortality: experience in NHANES

The multiple faces of urinary glucose tetrasaccharide as biomarker for patients with hepatic glycogen storage diseases

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