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dr. M.R. (Michel) Doortmont

Reader in International Relations and African Studies (with ius promovendi)
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+31 50 36 36002 (secretary: 0503637254)

1) Euro-African Families of Dutch Descent in Ghana (West Africa): A Review of their Social, Economic, and Political Position and Influence from the Atlantic Slave Trade to Colonialism and Nationalism, c. 1750-1940. Project funded by NWO-WOTRO, NWO-GW and University of Groningen to write a monograph and prepare a web-based database (2000-2006).


2) Cultural heritage, identity and (urban) development, with special reference to Ghana and South Africa (2004-2006). Capacity building project funded by NWO-WOTRO, to develop an research programme between University of Groningen, University of the Western Cape and University of Ghana.


3) Public Culture, Heritage and Identity in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, funded by SANPAD (2005-2007). Joint South African – Dutch project between University of Fort Hare, East London Campus, University of the Western Cape, Leiden University and University of Groningen, involving Ph.D. and M.A. research, collection building, and academic outreach to socio-cultural community projects involving issues of heritage and development.


4) Castles of Ghana, funded by the European Commission and the University of Groningen (2004-2005). Joint European project with partners from Italy, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Ghana to make a historical, anthropological and architectural analysis of the building history, historical and social importance, and conservation issues surrounding the castles and forts of Ghana (case studies include Axim, Butre and Anomabu).


5) Archival Guide The Netherlands-Ghana, sponsored by the National Archives of the Netherlands and the University of Groningen (2005-2006). Project to provide a comprehensive and analytical guide of the archival material available in the Netherlands state archives relating to the Dutch presence in Ghana from the 16th century to the present.


6) Biography Dr. Hendrik Muller (1859-1941), funded by the Dr. Hendrik Muller Vaderlandsch Fonds (2006-2009). Project to write a new biography of Rotterdam merchant, early Dutch Africanist, ethnographer, diplomat, and journalist/opinion leader Dr. Hendrik Muller, against the background of the evolving image of Africa during and immediately after the Scramble, the Anglo-Boer War, the Dutch position towards (South) Africa in the fin de siècle, images of Dutch nationalism and colonialism, and the Dutch interest in Central Europe in the Interbellum.

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