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Prospective clinical evaluation of 765 partial glass-ceramic posterior restorations luted using photo-polymerized resin composite in conjunction with immediate dentin sealing

Survival of molar teeth in need of complex endodontic treatment: Influence of the endodontic treatment and quality of the restoration

Adhesion of resin cement to dentin: effects of adhesive promoters, immediate dentin sealing strategies, and surface conditioning

Effect of Immediate Dentin Sealing and Surface Conditioning on the Microtensile Bond Strength of Resin-Based Composite to Dentin

Performance of ceramic laminate veneers with immediate dentine sealing: An 11 year prospective clinical trial

Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial on the Survival of Lithium Disilicate Posterior Partial Crowns Bonded Using Immediate or Delayed Dentin Sealing: Short-term Results on Tooth Sensitivity and Patient Satisfaction

Randomized clinical trial on indirect resin composite and ceramic laminate veneers: Up to 10-year findings

Randomized clinical trial on the survival of lithium disilicate posterior partial restorations bonded using immediate or delayed dentin sealing after 3 years of function

Compressive strength and failure types of cusp replacing direct resin composite restorations in previously amalgam-filled premolars versus sound teeth

Effect of immediate dentine sealing on the fracture strength of lithium disilicate and multiphase resin composite inlay restorations

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