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Catalytic and structural properties of ATP-dependent caprolactamase from Pseudomonas jessenii

Thermostable D-amino acid decarboxylases derived from Thermotoga maritima diaminopimelate decarboxylase

Robust ω-Transaminases by Computational Stabilization of the Subunit Interface

Biochemical properties of a Pseudomonas aminotransferase involved in caprolactam metabolism

Characterization of the caprolactam degradation pathway in Pseudomonas jessenii using mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Computational redesign of enzymes for regio- and enantioselective hydroamination

Metabolism of β-valine via a CoA-dependent ammonia lyase pathway

Pex19p Contributes to Peroxisome Inheritance in the Association of Peroxisomes to Myo2p

p24 proteins play a role in peroxisome proliferation in yeast

Peroxisome fission in Hansenula polymorpha requires Mdv1 and Fis1, two proteins also involved in mitochondrial fission

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