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How to find us prof. dr. M.V. (Maxim) Mostovoy

prof. dr. M.V. Mostovoy

Associate Professor

Courses taught at various times at the University of Groningen: Introduction to Theoretical Physics for 1st year students, Statistical Physics II, Solid State Physics II, Introduction to Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Many-particle Systems and Quantum Theory of the Solid State

Lecture courses given at international schools

Spin-orbital exchange in Mott insulators , Multiferroic and magnetoelectric materials , Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, June 30 - July 18, 2008

Multiferroics and magnetoelectric materials , ICMR Summer School: Multiferroics and Beyond at Santa Barbara, July 20 - August 1, 2008

Landau theory of multiferroics and magnetoelectric materials, 3rd European School on Multiferroics, University of Groningen, September 7-11, 2009.

Phase Transitions, 41th IFF Springschool: Electronic Oxides – Correlation Phenomena, Exotic Phases and Novel Functionalities, Forschungszentrum Jülich, March 8 - 19, 2010.

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