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Comparison of conventional ceramic laminate veneers, partial laminate veneers and direct composite resin restorations in fracture strength after aging

Prospective clinical evaluation of 765 partial glass-ceramic posterior restorations luted using photo-polymerized resin composite in conjunction with immediate dentin sealing

Restauratieve keuzes voor endodontisch behandelde gebits-elementen in de posterieure zone

Survival of molar teeth in need of complex endodontic treatment: Influence of the endodontic treatment and quality of the restoration

Breuksterkte van verschillende types directe en indirecte restauraties bij het functioneel herstel van endodontisch behandelde molaren

Cyclic loading and load to failure of lithium disilicate endocrowns: Influence of the restoration extension in the pulp chamber and the enamel outline

Effect of immediate dentine sealing on the aging and fracture strength of lithium disilicate inlays and overlays

Fracture strength of lithium disilicate cantilever resin bonded fixed dental prosthesis

Influence of Deep Margin Elevation and preparation design on the fracture strength of indirectly restored molars

Prevalence of noncarious cervical lesions among adults: a systematic review

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