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Occurrence and phenomenology of hallucinations in the general population: A large online survey

Fragmented sleep relates to hallucinations across perceptual modalities in the general population

Spontaneous brain activity underlying auditory hallucinations in the hearing-impaired

Understanding hallucinations outside the context of psychotic disorders

Hallucinations and other psychotic experiences across diagnoses: A comparison of phenomenological features

Atopy Increases Risk of Psychotic Experiences: A Large Population-Based Study

Auditory hallucinations in adults with hearing impairment: A large prevalence study

Auditory hallucinations, top-down processing and language perception: a general population study

Hallucinations in patients with borderline personality disorder: characteristics, severity, and relationship with schizotypy and loneliness

The Questionnaire for Psychotic Experiences: An Examination of the Validity and Reliability

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