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How to find us dr. M.M.H. (Maarten) Lahr
University Medical Center Groningen

dr. M.M.H. (Maarten) Lahr

Senior researcher, Department of Epidemiology (unit Health Technology Assessment), University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands
dr. M.M.H. (Maarten) Lahr


Maintaining Domain Specific Simulation Modelling Frameworks - A Case Study on Modelling Hyper Acute Stroke Pathways

Post-discharge Telemonitoring of Physical Activity, Vital Signs, and Patient-Reported Symptoms in Older Patients Undergoing Cancer Surgery

Remote Home Monitoring of Older Surgical Cancer Patients: Perspective on Study Implementation and Feasibility

A national eHealth vision developed by University Medical Centres: A concept mapping study

ASO Author Reflections: Remote Home Monitoring After Surgery: Focus on Feasibility for Older Cancer Patients

Centralising acute stroke care within clinical practice in the Netherlands: lower bounds of the causal impact

Feasibility of Perioperative eHealth Interventions for Older Surgical Patients: A Systematic Review

Integrated Care for Older Adults: A Struggle for Sustained Implementation in Northern Netherlands

Online Guide for Electronic Health Evaluation Approaches: Systematic Scoping Review and Concept Mapping Study

Optimising acute stroke care organisation: a simulation study to assess the potential to increase intravenous thrombolysis rates and patient gains

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