dr. M. (Mónica) Lopez Lopez

Associate Professor, Rosalind Franklin Fellow


  1. Top 10 Best Article Journal Child Abuse and Neglect - 2017

    Rami Benbenishty (Recipient), Bilha Davidson-Arad (Recipient), Monica Lopez Lopez (Recipient), John Devaney (Recipient), Trevor Spratt (Recipient), Carien Koopmans (Recipient), Erik Knorth (Recipient), Cilia L.M. Witteman (Recipient), Jorge F. del Valle (Recipient) & David Hayes (Recipient), 27-Mar-2017

    Prize: National/international honour

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  1. Current Research University of Groningen on Leaving Care

    Annemiek T. Harder (Speaker), Lopez Lopez, M. (Speaker), Knorth, E. (Speaker)

    Activity: ProfessionalTalk or presentation

  2. Ongoing research on family foster care at the University of Groningen

    Knorth, E. (Speaker), Grietens, H. (Speaker), Lopez Lopez, M. (Speaker)

    Activity: ProfessionalTalk or presentation

  3. Participation of Children in Decision-Making. An International Study Comparing Policy and Practice in England, Germany and the Netherlands

    Lopez Lopez, M. (Keynote speaker), Susanne Witte (Keynote speaker), Helen Baldwin (Keynote speaker), Middel, F. (Keynote speaker)

    Activity: ProfessionalTalk or presentation

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