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Child maltreatment investigations: Comparing children, families, and reasons for referral in three European countries

Children in residential care in México: Understanding profiles, trajectories and outcomes

Disaster Risk Reduction in Iranian Primary and Secondary School Textbooks: A Content Analysis

‘I actually know that things will get better’: The many pathways to resilience of LGBTQIA+ youth in out-of-home care

Protecting LGBTQ+ Children and Youth

Racial/ethnic and gender disparities in child protection decision-making: What role do stereotypes play?

Resilience among LGBTQIA+ youth in out-of-home care: A scoping review

School-Based Education Programs for Preparing Children for Natural Hazards: A Systematic Review

Advancing the field of decision making and judgement in child welfare and protection: A look back and forward

El sistema de protección holandés: Hitos y transformaciones recientes para fortalecer la prevención del maltrato infantil

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