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Sleep disturbances in bereavement: A systematic review

The clinical relevance of early identification and treatment of sleep disorders in mental health care: protocol of a randomized control trial

Gender-Sensitive Violence Risk Assessment: Predictive Validity of Six Tools in Female Forensic Psychiatric Patients

Patient‐rated impulsivity and aggression compared with clinician‐rated risk in a forensic psychiatric sample: Predicting inpatient incidents

Low doses of mirtazapine or quetiapine for transient insomnia: A randomised, double-blind, cross-over, placebo-controlled trial

Poor Sleep and Its Relation to Impulsivity in Patients with Antisocial or Borderline Personality Disorders

Sleep restriction in rats leads to changes in operant behaviour indicative of reduced prefrontal cortex function

Benzodiazepines en slaapstoornissen

Characteristics and offences of women with borderline personality disorder in forensic psychiatry: A multicentre study

Sleep deprived rats show disruptions in operant conditioning behaviour most likely reflecting impaired prefrontal cortex function

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