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Sleep disorders in a naturalistic cohort of Dutch psychiatric outpatients: prevalence rates and associations with psychopathology symptom severity and well-being

Trajectories of insomnia following bereavement

Cross-Lagged Analyses of Prolonged Grief and Depression Symptoms with Insomnia Symptoms

Schema therapy for violent PD offenders: A randomized clinical trial

Shift work is associated with extensively disordered sleep, especially when working nights

The Cross-Lagged Relationships Between Insomnia and Prolonged Grief Symptoms

The influence of sexual activity on sleep: A diary study

Effectivity of (Personalized) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Mental Health Populations and the Elderly: An Overview

Gender Differences in Substance Abuse History and Offending Behavior: A Multicentre Study in Dutch Forensic Psychiatry

Lying awake in forensic hospitals: a multicenter, cross-sectional study on the prevalence of insomnia and contributing factors in forensic psychiatric patients

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The Influence of Sexual Activity on Sleep: A Diary Study

Study: Having Sex Before May Improve Sleep, But Here Are Caveats

Zó word je weer een ster in slapen

Waarom praten we in onze slaap? De slaapexpert geeft antwoord

Knikkebollen achter het stuur: hoe schuldig is een slaaprijder?

Hoe komt het dat we soms praten in onze slaap?

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