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Observe, Practice, and Improve? Enhancing Sidestep Cutting Execution in Talented Female Soccer Players: A Four-Week Intervention Program With Video Instruction.

Capturing the Complex Relationship Between Internal and External Training Load: A Data-Driven Approach

Is a compact organization important for defensive success in elite soccer? – Analysis based on player tracking data

The heat is on: Investigating the effect of psychological pressure on competitive performance in elite surfing

The Success Factors of Rest Defense in Soccer: A Mixed-Methods Approach of Expert Interviews, Tracking Data, and Machine Learning

Off-ball behavior in association football: A data-driven model to measure changes in individual defensive pressure

Shortcomings of applying data science to improve professional football performance: Takeaways from a pilot intervention study

Technical–tactical skill assessments in small-sided soccer games: A scoping review

The keys of pressing to gain the ball: Characteristics of defensive pressure in elite soccer using tracking data

The use of player tracking data to analyze defensive play in professional soccer-A scoping review

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