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How to find us dr. M. (Martijn) Keizer

dr. M. Keizer

Researcher and Lecturer

Lezen ≠ Begrijpen (June 2017 - now).

The title of this project translates to 'to read is to understand'. This research project, which was a collaboration between the University of Groningen, Syncasso BV, Kredietbank Nederland and Stichting Lezen & Schrijven, focused on the relationship between deficits in literacy skills and financial problems among consumers. The study combined quantitative and qualitative methods to show that 50,3 percent of a random sample of 600 clients of a Dutch debt-relief organization had limited literacy skills. In collaboration with clients and debt-relief organizations, a number of interventions to better enable consumers with limited literacy skills to deal with their financial problems were tested. The final report on this project is availabe here (in Dutch only)

Afgelost = Opgelost (August 2015 - August 2017)

The title of this project translates to 'to pay off is to solve'. On average, Dutch consumers who seek debt relieve help have been in debt for approximately 5 years and owe over €40.000 to their creditors. This study focused on the reasons why consumers allow their financial problems to spiral out of control to this extent before seeking help. In-depth interviews with 113 indebted consumers were conducted to answer this question. The research report, which also contains recommendations to remedy this problem, is available here (in Dutch only).

Effective communication (March 2013 - March 2016)

In collaboration with a debt collection agency, I ran a series of field experiments to test the effectiveness of various adjustments to their communications with indebted consumers. We applied various persuasion techniques to increase  consumer response rates. A short research video about this project can be found here.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of debt relief efforts by Gemeentelijke Kredietbank Groningen (February 2016 - September 2017)

Evaluation research into the effectiviness of an intervention to increase financial literacy among adolescents in the city of Groningen.

The role of normative considerations as predictors of pro-environmental behavior (PhD research; thesis defended in 2014)

PhD research focusing on the role of normative considerations as predictors of pro-environmental behavior. Four studies showed that the predictive power or personal norms regarding the environment is dependent on situational factors promoting or inhibiting the behavior in question. The full PhD thesis can be found under 'Research'.

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Contact information

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands

Duisenberg Building

Working hours:
Mon-Thu 09:00 - 17:30