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How to find us dr. M.K. (Marieke) van Vugt

Research interests

decision making, memory, mindfulness, cognitive modeling, EEG, brain oscillations, ECoG, mind-wandering


Captivated by thought: "Sticky" thinking leaves traces of perceptual decoupling in task-evoked pupil size

Distinguishing Vigilance Decrement and Low Task Demands from Mind-wandering: A Machine Learning Analysis of EEG

Inter-brain Synchronization in the Practice of Tibetan Monastic Debate

Letter to the Editor: Miscommunicating Mindfulness

Media multitasking, mind-wandering, and distractibility: A large-scale study

P.303 Adjusting ruminative thinking? Effects of positive fantasizing vs. stress induction on perseverative cognition in individuals with varying vulnerability for depression

The art of planning ahead: When do we prepare for the future and when is it effective?

Computational modelling approaches to meditation research: Why should we care?

Mindfulness as a Potential Tool for Productivity

Predicting task-general mind-wandering with EEG

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I want to understand how the mind works

Interview Marieke van Vugt VMBN

Interview with Ballet Rising on Ballet and the brain

Mediteren onder een systeemplafond

Synchrone breinen in een levend lab

The Synchrony Project: Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap

“Who is Who” in art-science collaboration

Vijf jaar trial & error

Wenn Manager meditieren: Achtsamkeit erobert die Wirtschaft

Wenn Manager meditieren: Achtsamkeit erobert die Wirtschaft

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