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Healthcare consumption among subjects with otitis media undergoing middle ear surgery: analysis of cost drivers

Horen is meer dan oren; een holistisch geluid laten klinken

Long-Term Follow-up of a Wide-Diameter Bone-Anchored Hearing Implant: 10-Year Experience on Stability, Survival, and Tolerability of an Implant-Abutment Combination

Prospective 5 year outcomes of different implant designs and surgical techniques in 68 patients with bone anchored hearing implants

Subjective Fatigue in Children With Unaided and Aided Unilateral Hearing Loss

Clinical characteristics and an evaluation of predictors for a favourable outcome of Mycobacterium abscessus otomastoiditis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data

Consensus Statement on Bone Conduction Devices and Active Middle Ear Implants in Conductive and Mixed Hearing Loss

Hearing Rehabilitation of Patients with Chronic Otitis Media: A Discussion of Current State of Knowledge and Research Priorities

Hearing-Related Quality of Life in 75 Patients With a Percutaneous Bone Conduction Device

Quality of life in children receiving treatment for Mycobacterium abscessus otomastoiditis

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