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prof. dr. M.J. (Maarten) Postma

Professor Global Health Economics UMCG & RUG (Medical Sciences and Economics & Business)
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+31 50 361 5084 (secretary)


Anticipated barriers and facilitators for implementing smart inhalers in asthma medication adherence management

Clinical and economic burden of drug-susceptible tuberculosis in Indonesia: national trends 2017-19

Clinical pharmacy services for tuberculosis management: a systematic review

Correction to: "Cost-effectiveness of ACL treatment is dependent on age and activity level: a systematic review"

Cost-effectiveness of ACL treatment is dependent on age and activity level: a systematic review

Cost-effectiveness of ravulizumab compared with eculizumab for the treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria in the Netherlands

Costs of two vancomycin-resistant enterococci outbreaks in an academic hospital

Economic burden and health-related quality-of-life among infants with respiratory syncytial virus infection: A multi-country prospective cohort study in Europe

Facing problems in radiotherapy for breast cancer patients in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: A cohort retrospective study

Global burden of chronic respiratory diseases and risk factors, 1990–2019: an update from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

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Dat meningokokken-vaccin is echt niet te duur, neem het dus op in het programma

Who are the JCVI? -The group advising the government on Covid boosters

'Nederland moet meer inzetten op gebruik coronamedicijnen’

RIVM expects an ‘explosive’ flu season this winter

‘Experts are also considering giving children the flu shot this year’

'Experts overwegen dit jaar ook kinderen griepprik te geven'

“Experten erwägen auch, Kindern dieses Jahr die Grippeimpfung zu geben”

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