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Rapid discovery of high-affinity antibodies via massively parallel sequencing, ribosome display and affinity screening

A One-Pot, Whole-Cell Biocatalysis Approach for Vanillin Production using Lignin Oil

Curse and Blessing of Non-proteinogenic Parts in Computational Enzyme Engineering

The Expanded Central Dogma: Genome Resynthesis, Orthogonal Biosystems, Synthetic Genetics

New chemistries and enzymes for synthetic genetics

Approaching boiling point stability of an alcohol dehydrogenase through computationally-guided enzyme engineering

Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenases: Tunable Oxidative Biocatalysts

Beyond active site residues: overall structural dynamics control catalysis in flavin-containing and heme-containing monooxygenases

Exploring the Biocatalytic Potential of a Self-Sufficient Cytochr ome P450 from Thermothelomyces thermophila

Robust monooxygenase biocatalysts: discovery and engineering by computational design

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NWO-Veni van 280.000 euro voor 89 onderzoekers

Veni-beurzen voor zeven Groningse onderzoekers

Veni grants for seven Groningen researchers

Veni-beurs voor dr. Max Fürst

Veni grant for Dr. Max Fürst

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