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How to find us M.I. (Matilda) Siebrecht

Research interests

I am currently researching organic (bone, antler, and ivory) tools from the Dorset Culture of the Canadian Arctic, with a focus on microwear analysis is order to determine methods of manufacture and practices of use assocaited with the artefacts. This analysis will then provide a greater understanding of the interactions, learning processes, perceptions of value, and social practices of the Dorset.


Magnifying the differences: Investigating variability in Dorset Paleo-Inuit organic material culture using microscopic analysis

Hunting for Use-wear: Investigating use-wear traces on antler and bone harpoon heads from the Dorset cultures using experimental archaeology


MAMUZ: Museen öffnen wieder am 4. Mai

Digging in Permafrost

Finally Friday Podcast Host

The little things in life - investigating the past one micrometer at a time

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