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Accelerating progress on early childhood development for children under 5 years with disabilities by 2030

Atypical knee jerk responses in high-risk children: A longitudinal EMG-study

Cerebral palsy and developmental intellectual disability in children younger than 5 years: Findings from the GBD-WHO Rehabilitation Database 2019

Child health, inclusive education and development

Development of muscle tone impairments in high-risk infants: Associations with cerebral palsy and cystic periventricular leukomalacia

Disability in children: A global problem needing a well-coordinated global action

Emerging signs of autism spectrum disorder in infancy: Putative neural substrate

Human face and gaze perception is highly context specific and involves bottom-up and top-down neural processing

Infant motor behaviour and functional and cognitive outcome at school-age: A follow-up study in very high-risk children

Motor development in infants with complex congenital heart disease: A longitudinal study

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Embryo’s kweken voor de verbetering van vruchtbaarheid? Stimuleer liever jonger ouderschap

Profile Mijna Hadders-Algra

Cerebral palsy: managing expectations and optimizing outcomes

Goed kijken is goud waard

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