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Characterization of milk oligosaccharide and sialic acid content and their influence on brain sialic acid in a lean mouse model for gestational diabetes

Endogenous glucose production in patients with glycogen storage disease type Ia estimated by oral d-[6,6-2H2]-glucose

Hepatic ChREBP orchestrates intrahepatic carbohydrate metabolism to limit hepatic glucose 6-phosphate and glycogen accumulation in a mouse model for acute Glycogen Storage Disease type Ib (6675 words)

Postpartum development of metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease in a lean mouse model of gestational diabetes mellitus

Genetic deletion of hepatic NCOR1 protects from atherosclerosis by promoting alternative bile acid-metabolism and sterol excretion

Hyperglycaemia, pregnancy outcomes and maternal metabolic disease risk during pregnancy and lactation in a lean gestational diabetes mouse model

Normalization of hepatic ChREBP activity does not protect against liver disease progression in a mouse model for Glycogen Storage Disease type Ia

A prospective study on continuous glucose monitoring in glycogen storage disease type Ia: towards glycemic targets

Dynamic Methods for Childhood Hypoglycemia Phenotyping: A Narrative Review

High childhood serum triglyceride concentrations associate with hepatocellular adenoma development in patients with glycogen storage disease type Ia

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