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Inhalable Textile Microplastic Fibers Impair Airway Epithelial Differentiation

Adipose Stromal Cell-Secretome Counteracts Profibrotic Signals From IPF Lung Matrices

LSC-2019-Dysfunctional macrophage polarization in murine COPD exacerbation

Human and rat precision-cut intestinal slices as ex vivo models to study bile acid uptake by the apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter

Regional Differences in Intestinal Drug Metabolism

Anticancer Gold N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes: A Comparative in vitro and ex vivo Study

P-gp activity and inhibition in the different regions of human intestine ex vivo

The consequence of regional gradients of P-gp and CYP3A4 for drug-drug interactions by P-gp inhibitors and the P-gp/CYP3A4 interplay in the human intestine ex vivo

The Consequence of Drug–Drug Interactions Influencing the Interplay between P-Glycoprotein and Cytochrome P450 3a: An Ex Vivo Study with Rat Precision-Cut Intestinal Slices

A3-Precision-cut intestinal slices as ex vivo model to study the uptake of bile acids by ASBT in the intestine

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