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M. (Maryory) Galvis Pedraza, MSc

PhD student
M. (Maryory) Galvis Pedraza, MSc


Currently, I am developing jointly with my supervisor's team research about how exposure to biodiversity in diet and environment develop health outcomes. Especially we want to deep into the outcomes of healthy aging (measured as epigenetic aging) and non-communicable diseases.Previously, I worked as an epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health in Colombia, over the consolidation, synthesis, and analysis of pharmacoepidemiological information related to the immunization process against COVID-19; as well as research activities during the pandemic. I was an instructor at University ICESI in Cali, Colombia, teaching the fundamentals statements in epidemiology to physician students. For almost three years I worked in prenatal diagnosis and leukemic state diagnosis by reading the karyotype using the cytogenetic techniques for reading G bands. I have training in lymphocyte culture from bone marrow, peripheral blood andamniotic cell culture. I participated in the issue of diagnosis and correlation of results with the pathology of the patient. I have experience in clinical laboratory on quality assurance and maintenance, chemistry, hematology, immunology, coagulation and immunohematology regard the analysis of human samples. My first work was as microbiology analyst in areas of bacteriology, parasitology and mycology: analysing raw water, water indifferent stations of the disinfection process, water supply network, pool water, stagnant water. Publications: 1) Collazos Rozo, J., and M. Galvis Pedraza. "Weekly Simulation of the Behavior of the Epidemic by COVID-19 in Colombia". Interdisciplinary Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, Vol. 3, no. 1, May 2020, p. e-42, DOI:10.18041/2665-427X/ijeph.1.6242. 2) Galvis Pedraza M. COVID-19: Perspective, what we know and learn. iJEPH [Internet]. 5May2020 [cited 24May2020];3(1):e-230. Available from: 3) Galvis Pedraza M, Triana Vargas JC, Luna Miranda LC, Pacheco López R, Ferro Ramos BE. Producción científica sobre tuberculosis en Cali - Colombia, 2007-2016. En: Nieto Ramirez,. L.M. (ed.). Estudios de la tuberculosis desde la Sucursal del Cielo. Cali, Colombia: Editorial. Universidad Santiago de Cali, Editorial Universidad Icesi; 2021. pp. 67-88. DOI: 4) Arregoces L, Fernández J, Rojas-Botero M, Palacios-Clavijo AF, Galvis M, Rincón LE, et al. Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in preventing hospitalizations and deaths in Colombia: A pair-matched, national-wide cohort study in older adults. SSRN Electron J [Internet]. 2021 [citado el 9 de noviembre de 2021]; Disponible en: 5) Pinto-Álvarez, Mariana and Fernández Niño, Julián Alfredo and Arregoces Castillo, Leonardo and Rojas-Botero, Maylen Liseth and Palacios Clavijo, Andrés and Galvis, Maryory and Ruiz Gomez, Fernando, Real-World Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines Effectiveness in Solid-Organ Transplant Recipient Population in Colombia: a Study Nested in the Esperanza Cohort (July 18, 2022). Available at SSRN: or 6) Torres-Agredo M, Galvis M, Otero J, Guerrero-Jaramillo P, Benavides-Córdoba V. Impacto de la pandemia en los centros de protección. social del adulto mayor y la respuesta gubernamental en Cali - Colombia. Salutem Scientia Spiritus 2022; 8(3):22-25.
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