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Latent classes of prolonged grief and other indicators of mental health in bereaved adults: A systematic review

Performance-Based Measures, Experimental Approaches, and Intensive Repeated Measures to Examine Interpersonal Characteristics of Victims

The Traumatic Grief Inventory-Clinician Administered: A psychometric evaluation of a new interview for ICD-11 and DSM-5-TR prolonged grief disorder severity and probable caseness

A Latent Class Analysis on Symptoms of Prolonged Grief, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Depression Following the Loss of a Loved One

Bullying Victimisation through an Interpersonal Lens: Focussing on Social Interactions and Risk for Depression

Is it acceptable and feasible to measure prolonged grief disorder symptoms in daily life using experience sampling methodology?

Rumination, Worry and Negative and Positive Affect in Prolonged Grief: A Daily Diary Study

Victims of Bullying: Emotion Recognition and Understanding

Formal representation of ambulatory assessment protocols in HTML5 for human readability and computer execution

Intra- and Interindividual Variability in the Behavioral, Affective, and Perceptual Effects of Alcohol Consumption in a Social Context

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Pesten kan op lange termijn de kans op depressie en sociale angsten vergroten

Onderzoek naar de relatie tussen pesten en depressieve klachten

Onderzoek naar de relatie tussen pesten en depressieve klachten

Pesten kan een rol spelen bij het ontwikkelen van depressieve klachten

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