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Experimenter as automaton; experimenter as human: Exploring the position of the researcher in scientific research

Reflection on "Trial and Error (-Related Negativity)"

The Early Years of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Informal Laboratory Practices in Psychology

Open Psychology: transparency and reproducibility

Putting Popper to Work

Ingrid Kloosterman, Wetenschap van gene zijde: Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse parapsychologie

Histories of human engineering: Tact and technology

Ecologies of Deception in Psychology and Rhetoric

Different spaces: Exploring Facebook as heterotopia

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Government be transparent in the fight against coronavirus

Wie slippers draagt is minder productief

Manipulation out of control. J.A.M. Meerloo's menticide

Explanation, prediction, replication and application

Research, teaching, and...? [blog]

"Objective" science and the "subjective I

Het Grote Grijze Mijnenveld

Facebook's manipulations [blog]

Codes [blog]

Interview with UK about Stapel affair.

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