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Cellular senescence in brain aging and neurodegeneration

Converting cell death into senescence by PARP1 inhibition improves recovery from acute oxidative injury

Mesenchymal stem cell-derived HGF attenuates radiation-induced senescence in salivary glands via compensatory proliferation

One-step rapid tracking and isolation of senescent cells in cellular systems, tissues, or animal models via GLF16

On the past, present and future of senotherapeutics

The senescence-associated secretory phenotype and its physiological and pathological implications

A fluorophore-conjugated reagent enabling rapid detection, isolation and live tracking of senescent cells

Cellular senescence and cardiovascular diseases: Moving to the "heart" of the problem

Change in telomere length and cardiovascular risk factors in testicular cancer survivors

Circulating monocytes expressing senescence-associated features are enriched in COVID-19 patients with severe disease

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KWF subsidie voor Marco Demaria

KWF Kankerfonds – Onderzoeksbeurs RUG

University of Groningen: KWF Dutch Cancer Society – Research grants for the UG

Vidi-subsidie voor UMCG-onderzoek naar celveroudering

We Can Delay Aging Process, But How Far Can We Actually Go?

Scientists Think We Can 'Delay' The Aging Process, But How Far Can We Actually Go?

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