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Biological functions of therapy-induced senescence in cancer

Cellular senescence

Enhanced extrinsic apoptosis of therapy-induced senescent cancer cells using a death receptor 5 (DR5) selective agonist

Pharmacological CDK4/6 inhibition reveals a p53-dependent senescent state with restricted toxicity

Senescence and cancer: role and therapeutic opportunities

Simple Detection of Unstained Live Senescent Cells with Imaging Flow Cytometry

The role of cellular senescence in female reproductive aging and the potential for senotherapeutic interventions

Algorithmic assessment of cellular senescence in experimental and clinical specimens

A novel transcriptomic-based classifier for senescent cancer cells

A recurrent chromosomal inversion suffices for driving escape from oncogene-induced senescence via subTAD reorganization

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We Can Delay Aging Process, But How Far Can We Actually Go?

Scientists Think We Can 'Delay' The Aging Process, But How Far Can We Actually Go?