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Automatic Lung Nodule Detection by a Deep Learning-Based CAD System: The Value of Slab Thickness in the Maximum Intensity Projection Technique

Computed Tomography Screening for Early Lung Cancer, COPD and Cardiovascular Disease in Shanghai: Rationale and Design of a Population-based Comparative Study

Cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography in China: A modeling study

Diffusion weighted imaging of the breast: Performance of standardized breast tumor tissue selection methods in clinical decision making

Evaluating the Feasibility of a Deep Learning-Based Computer-Aided Detection System for Lung Nodule Detection in a Lung Cancer Screening Program

High-pitch dual-source CT for coronary artery calcium scoring: A head-to-head comparison of non-triggered chest versus triggered cardiac acquisition

Lung Nodule Management Based on Diameter and Volume in Lung Cancer Screening with Low-Dose Computed Tomography

A Subsolid Nodules Imaging Reporting System (SSN-IRS) for Classifying 3 Subtypes of Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma

Clinical characteristics and work-up of small to intermediate-sized pulmonary nodules in a Chinese dedicated cancer hospital

Diagnostic performance of breast tumor tissue selection in diffusion weighted imaging: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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