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Opportunities and barriers for young rural–urban migrants transitioning from education to work in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Education-to-Work Transition of Young Rural–Urban Migrants in Kathmandu, Nepal

Aanvullend onderwijs: Leren en ontwikkelen naast de school. Een verkennende schets van het landschap van aanvullend onderwijs in Nederland

Dutch Adolescents’ Everyday Expressions of Sexual Behavior Trajectories Over a 2-Year Period: A Mixed-Methods Study

Formative assessment: The role of participatory action research in blending policy and practice in Uganda

Hanging Out in the Past: Looking for Trouble or Romance? An Exploration of the Practice and Meaning of Hanging Out for Young Dutch People in 1930–60

Interventions aimed at preventing and reducing overweight/obesity among children and adolescents: a meta-synthesis

Local language a medium of instruction: Challenges and way forward

Onset to first sexual activity in early adolescence: A network diffusion model

Professional proximity in perceiving child sexual abuse in residential care: the closer the better?

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