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AP-3 vesicle uncoating occurs after HOPS-dependent vacuole tethering

ATF4 links ER stress with reticulophagy in glioblastoma cells

Galectin-3 Coordinates a Cellular System for Lysosomal Repair and Removal

MERIT, a cellular system coordinating lysosomal repair, removal and replacement

Vps13 is required for the packaging of the ER into autophagosomes during ER-phagy

A COPII subunit acts with an autophagy receptor to target endoplasmic reticulum for degradation

Autophagy induction in atrophic muscle cells requires ULK1 activation by TRIM32 through unanchored K63-linked polyubiquitin chains

Compartmentalized Synthesis of Triacylglycerol at the Inner Nuclear Membrane Regulates Nuclear Organization

Pseudomonas aeruginosa lectin LecB impairs keratinocyte fitness by abrogating growth factor signalling

The Paf1 complex transcriptionally regulates the mitochondrial-anchored protein Atg32 leading to activation of mitophagy

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