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Cvm1 is a component of multiple vacuolar contact sites required for sphingolipid homeostasis

ER-phagy requires the assembly of actin at sites of contact between the cortical ER and endocytic pits

mTORC1 controls Golgi architecture and vesicle secretion by phosphorylation of SCYL1

Phospholipid imbalance impairs autophagosome completion

Post-transcriptional regulation of ATG1 is a critical node that modulates autophagy during distinct nutrient stresses

The chaperone DNAJB6 surveils FG-nucleoporins and is required for interphase nuclear pore complex biogenesis

The lipid flippase Drs2 regulates anterograde transport of Atg9 during autophagy

The surface of lipid droplets constitutes a barrier for endoplasmic reticulum-resident integral membrane proteins

The yeast LYST homolog Bph1 is a Rab5 effector and prevents Atg8 lipidation at endosomes

ATF4 links ER stress with reticulophagy in glioblastoma cells

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Anti-Diarrhea Drug Drives Cancer Cells to Cell Death

Anti-diarrhoea drug drives cancer cells to cell death