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prof. dr. M.C.J. (Merel) Keijzer

Professor of English Linguistics and English as a Second Language (ESL) / Rosalind Franklin Fellow
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+31 50 36 37537 (Telephone)
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Language pedagogies and late-life language learning proficiency

Late-life language learning as a socially and cognitively stimulating leisure activity in healthy older adults and those with a history of depression

Musical and multilingual experience are related to healthy aging: better some than none but even better together

Never too old to learn - Third age adults experience little (self-)ageism or barriers to learning

Pronouns in the brain

The Effects of Language Teaching Pedagogy on Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults

Biodiversity Communication at the UN Summit 2020: Blending Business and Nature

English Sentence Constructions

Language Entropy Relates to Behavioral and Pupil Indices of Executive Control in Young Adult Bilinguals

Language learning in older adults with a history of depression: a qualitative study of participants’ expectations and experiences

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Laat elke bejaarde een taal leren: Verweer tegen ouderdom

Puzzelen, leren of muziek maken: mentaal bezig zijn is goed voor je zegt deze hoogleraar

Wat doet een professor?

Twee talen spreken is goed voor de gezondheid

333. Leef je langer als je twee talen spreekt?

Meertaligheid houdt de hersenen soepel

Worden dialectsprekers gezonder oud?

Jonge academici krijgen stem

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