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Adolescents' engagement trajectories in multicultural classrooms: The role of the classroom context

Student Engagement, Truancy, and Cynicism: A Longitudinal Study from Primary School to Upper Secondary Education

The Role of Prosocial Attitudes and Academic Achievement in Peer Networks in Higher Education

Adolescents' peer status profiles and differences in school engagement and loneliness trajectories: A person-centered approach

Emotional School Engagement and Global Self-Esteem in Adolescents: Genetic Susceptibility to Peer Acceptance and Rejection

Students' academic and emotional adjustment during the transition from primary to secondary school: A cross-lagged study

The relative contribution of peer acceptance and individual and class-level teacher–child interactions to kindergartners’ behavioral development

A Cross-Lagged Study on Students’ Academic and Emotional Adjustment During the Transition From Primary to Secondary School

Examining Adolescents’ School Engagement Trajectories in an Ethnically Diverse Sample: The Role of the Classroom Context

How Classroom Social Dynamics Shape School Engagemen The Role of Peers, Teachers, and Their Interplay: The Role of Peers, Teachers, and Their Interplay

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