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Molecular Engineering of the Kinetic Barrier in Seeded Supramolecular Polymerization

Red-light driven photoisomerisation and supramolecular transformation of indigo amphiphiles in aqueous media

Temperature-responsive and biocompatible nanocarriers based on clay nanotubes for controlled anti-cancer drug release

The effect of biomolecular corona on adsorption onto and desorption from a model lipid membrane

Advantages of Producing Aromatics from Propene over Ethene Using Zeolite-Based Catalysts

A time- and space-resolved catalyst deactivation study on the conversion of glycerol to aromatics using H-ZSM-5

Cryogenic TEM imaging of artificial light harvesting complexes outside equilibrium

Dynamic Control of a Multistate Chiral Supramolecular Polymer in Water

Efficient isolation of membrane-associated exopolysaccharides of four commercial bifidobacterial strains

Lactic Acid-Derived Copolymeric Surfactants with Monomer Distribution Profile-Dependent Solution and Thermoresponsive Properties

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Wetenschap is ook kunst

Chemistry in Pictures: Take flight