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Autophagy induction during stem cell activation plays a key role in salivary gland self-renewal

Generation and Differentiation of Adult Tissue-Derived Human Thyroid Organoids

Mouse parotid salivary gland organoids for the in vitro study of stem cell radiation response

Hedgehog Pathway as a Potential Intervention Target in Esophageal Cancer

Lack of DNA Damage Response at Low Radiation Doses in Adult Stem Cells Contributes to Organ Dysfunction

Sparing the region of the salivary gland containing stem cells preserves saliva production after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer

Purification and Ex Vivo Expansion of Fully Functional Salivary Gland Stem Cells

Prediction of response to radiotherapy in the treatment of esophageal cancer using stem cell markers

Bone marrow stromal cell interaction reduces Syndecan-1 expression and induces kinomic changes in myeloma cells

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