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Associations of risk perception of COVID-19 with emotion and mental health during the pandemic

Cooperation and Trust Across Societies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Intergenerational conflicts of interest and prosocial behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic

Lives versus Livelihoods? Perceived economic risk has a stronger association with support for COVID-19 preventive measures than perceived health risk

Mistrust and negative self‐esteem: Two paths from attachment styles to paranoia

Towards a comprehensive and potentially cross-cultural model of why people protest: A quantitative research synthesis of four motivations for collective action

Biased hate crime perceptions can reveal supremacist sympathies

Frustration-Affirmation? Thwarted Goals Motivate Compliance With Social Norms for Violence and Nonviolence

Mapping the Moods of COVID-19: Global Study Uses Data Visualization to Track Psychological Responses, Identify Targets for Intervention

Normative Influences in Science and their Impact on (Objective) Empirical Research

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