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How to find us M.A. (Maaike) Versteegh, MSc

M.A. Versteegh, MSc

Research Assistent
M.A. Versteegh, MSc

I am research assistent in the immune lab of Irene Tieleman. I defended my PhD thesis with the title “Physiology in a life history perspective: stonechats’ adaptations to different environments” in February 2012 at Groningen University. I am interested how physiological traits and life history have evolved in different environments. Specifically I am interested birds cope with the challenges of disease risk in the environment and how birds have adjusted their physiology and life history demands.

Currently I am working as a research assistant in the Tieleman/Physiological ecology group. I am involved in a comparative study of different lark species in a temperate area, the Netherlands, and a tropical environment, Kenya (With Irene Tieleman, Henry Ndithia, Stephanie Grizard, Pieter van Veelen, Joseph Mwangi). We study immunity of larks and anti-microbial proteins in the eggs, and we are measure microbial communities in and around the nests of larks. Also I am involved in a long term study of immunity in captive pigeons (together with Kevin Matson; now at the WUR) and Maurine Dietz).

My main focusses are eco-immunological labwork and statistical assistance. Also, I have been co-ordinating fieldwork in the Netherlands and in Kenya.

Professional experience

2012-present      Research assistant

2006-2012          PhD: Physiology in a life history perspective: Stonechats’ adaptations to different environments.

2011                   Field Assistant project ‘Infection, immunity, and island-life: a comparison of eastern blue birds from Bermuda and Ohio’, with Dr. K. D. Matson.

2009                   Technical assistant, setting up a respirometer for the NIOO, Heteren. Dr. M. Visser

2005                   Field assistant project ‘Adoption in free-living Barnacle Geese on Spitsbergen’, Dr. E. Kalmbach


2004-2006 - MSc Biology (specialization ecology)

2005-2006 - project ‘Annual variation in metabolic rate in four subspecies of Stonechats’, Advisor: Dr B.I. Tieleman. University of Groningen, the Netherlands/ Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany.

2004-2005 - project ‘Effects of preen wax of Red Knots on growth of feather-degrading bacteria’, Advisors: Dr. J. Reneerkens, Dr. E.H. Burtt. Netherlands Institute of Sea Research, the Netherlands/Ohio Wesleyan University, USA.

2004 - project ‘Why do Barnacle Geese adopt, and why do goslings seek adoption?’, Advisor: Dr. E. Kalmbach. University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


2000-2003 - Bachelor Biology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

1995-1997 - Art history, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

1988-1994 – Gymnasium Celeanum, Zwolle, the Netherlands

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