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dr. M.A. (Maaike) Versteegh

Research Assistant

I am research assistant in the associated with the groups of Irene Tieleman, Jan Komdeur and Hannah Dugdale.

I defended my PhD thesis with the title “Physiology in a life history perspective: stonechats’ adaptations to different environments” in February 2012 at Groningen University. I am interested how physiological traits and life history have evolved in different environments. Specifically I am interested birds cope with the challenges of disease risk in the environment and how birds have adjusted their behaviour, physiology and life history demands.

Currently my main focusses are coordinating and assisting fieldwork, eco-immunological labwork and statistical assistance.

Professional experience

2012-present      Research assistant

2006-2012          PhD: Physiology in a life history perspective: Stonechats’ adaptations to different environments.

2011                   Field Assistant project ‘Infection, immunity, and island-life: a comparison of eastern blue birds from Bermuda and Ohio’, with Dr. K. D. Matson.

2009                   Technical assistant, setting up a respirometer for the NIOO, Heteren. Dr. M. Visser

2005                   Field assistant project ‘Adoption in free-living Barnacle Geese on Spitsbergen’, Dr. E. Kalmbach


2004-2006 - MSc Biology (specialization ecology)

2005-2006 - project ‘Annual variation in metabolic rate in four subspecies of Stonechats’, Advisor: Dr B.I. Tieleman. University of Groningen, the Netherlands/ Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany.

2004-2005 - project ‘Effects of preen wax of Red Knots on growth of feather-degrading bacteria’, Advisors: Dr. J. Reneerkens, Dr. E.H. Burtt. Netherlands Institute of Sea Research, the Netherlands/Ohio Wesleyan University, USA.

2004 - project ‘Why do Barnacle Geese adopt, and why do goslings seek adoption?’, Advisor: Dr. E. Kalmbach. University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

2000-2003 - Bachelor Biology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

1995-1997 - Art history, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

1988-1994 – Gymnasium Celeanum, Zwolle, the Netherlands.

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