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Stepwise Adsorption of Alkoxy-Pyrene Derivatives onto a Lamellar, Non-Porous Naphthalenediimide-Template on HOPG

Transfer of Large-Scale Two-Dimensional Semiconductors: Challenges and Developments

Engineering Long-Range Order in Supramolecular Assemblies on Surfaces: The Paramount Role of Internal Double Bonds in Discrete Long-Chain Naphthalenediimides

Thiol-free self-assembled oligoethylene glycols enable robust air-stable molecular electronics

Comparing the Self-Assembly of Sexiphenyl-Dicarbonitrile on Graphite and Graphene on Cu(111)

Comparison of Casimir forces and electrostatics from conductive SiC-Si/C and Ru surfaces

Coverage-Controlled Polymorphism of H-Bonded Networks on Au(111)

Coverage-Dependent Structural Transformation of Cyano-Functionalized Porphyrin Networks on Au(111) via Addition of Cobalt Atoms

Edge Phonon Excitations in a Chiral Self-Assembled Supramolecular Nanoribbon

Effective determination of surface potential landscapes from metal-organic nanoporous network overlayers

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