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Molecular Networks and Surface Engineering for Single Molecule Studies: From Spatial Separation to Emergent Properties

Induced Fit and Mobility of Cycloalkanes within Nanometer-Sized Confinements at 5 K

Length-dependent symmetry in narrow chevronlike graphene nanoribbons

Self-Assembly of a Triphenylene-Based Electron Donor Molecule on Graphene: Structural and Electronic Properties

Atomically precise graphene nanoribbons: interplay of structural and electronic properties

Casimir and electrostatic forces from Bi2Se3 thin films of varying thickness

Comparing Cyanophenyl and Pyridyl Ligands in the Formation of Porphyrin-Based Metal−Organic Coordination Networks

Molecular assemblies on surfaces: Towards physical and electronic decoupling of organic molecules

Stepwise Adsorption of Alkoxy-Pyrene Derivatives onto a Lamellar, Non-Porous Naphthalenediimide-Template on HOPG

Structural Transformation of Surface-Confined Porphyrin Networks by Addition of Co Atoms

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