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Mahalanobis distance, a novel statistical proxy of homeostasis loss is longitudinally associated with risk of type 2 diabetes

On the Bayesian network based data mining framework for the choice of appropriate time scale for regional analysis of drought Hazard

The 'un-shrunk' partial correlation in Gaussian graphical models

A New Partially Segment-Wise Coupled Piece-Wise Linear Regression Model for Statistical Network Structure Inference

Characterization of regional hydrological drought using improved precipitation records under multi-auxiliary information

Correction for the shrinkage effect in Gaussian graphical models

Measuring and restructuring the risk in forecasting drought classes: An application of weighted Markov chain based model for standardised precipitation evapotranspiration index (SPEI) at one-month time scale

Non-homogeneous dynamic Bayesian networks with edge-wise sequentially coupled parameters

Uncertainty propagation in shrinkage-based partial correlations

A Bayesian Network Analysis of the Diagnostic Process and Its Accuracy to Determine How Clinicians Estimate Cardiac Function in Critically Ill Patients: Prospective Observational Cohort Study

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