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How to find us M.A. de Carvalho Filho

Research interests

Marco is a clinical teacher and an internal medicine specialist who is actively involved in the development of emergency medicine. He is passionate about medical education in general and active methodologies in particular. This passion led Marco to design innovative approaches to online learning, simulation, and assessment. Working in a busy and sometimes chaotic environment, the emergency teachers of his team master the rules of engagement with the new generation of Millennial students. The ultimate consequence is a powerful and productive educational alliance. His motto is: Engagement also drives learning!

Marco is also active on faculty development specially on using online tools to foster communities of practice of innovative teachers. His research interests are focused on professonal identity development, arts in medical education, and clinical reasoning.


A Wider Use for the Uncertainty Communication Checklist

Anatomy 3.0: Rediscovering Theatrum Anatomicum in the wake of Covid-19

From Learning Psychiatry to Becoming Psychiatrists: A Qualitative Study of Co-constructive Patient Simulation

'I found myself a despicable being!': Medical students face disturbing moral dilemmas

In Reply to Aung et al

Psychological distress among frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed-methods study

Specific Disease Knowledge as Predictor of Susceptibility to Availability Bias in Diagnostic Reasoning: a Randomized Controlled Experiment

A New Age for Medical Education after Covid-19

Added value of assessing medical students' reflective writings in communication skills training: a longitudinal study in four academic centres

Assessing palliative care education in undergraduate medical students: translation and validation of the Self-Efficacy in Palliative Care and Thanatophobia Scales for Brazilian Portuguese

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