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How to find us M.A. (Malcolm) Campbell-Verduyn, PhD

M.A. Campbell-Verduyn, PhD

Assistant Professor of International Political Economy
M.A. Campbell-Verduyn, PhD

My teaching emphasizes linkages between global issues and the everyday experiences of students. As a ‘teacher-scholar’, I strive to ensure a continual integration between my research and teaching. My research on algorithmic technologies for instance is reflected in the following contribution to I-PEEL, a learning project coordinated by the University of Warwick connecting the objects and practices that underpin the international political economy to the everyday life experiences of students: “Web Search- How do Technological ‘Black Boxes’ Shape our Digital Experiences?”.


Core Module: Technology in International Relations (LYX122B10)

Theory of International Relations (LYX104B10)

Intoduction to Economics ( LYX007P05)

IPE of Monetary Relations (LYX117B05)

Prior Courses Taught

2017-2018 Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada: “Introduction to International Relations” (POL 208); “Global Political Economy I: Theory and History” (POL 361), “Global Political Economy II: Policy and Analysis” (POL 362), “Topics in Global Political Economy: New Interdisciplinary Approaches” (POL 477)

2016 Department of Political Science, McMaster University, Canada:  “Global Political Economy” (POL 2J03) and “Problems in American Politics” (POL 4AA6).

2014 Georgian Life Long Learning Institute, Collingwood, Canada: “Understanding the Global Financial Crisis” (course Prezi available here)

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Contact information

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands