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How to find us M.A. (Malcolm) Campbell-Verduyn, PhD

Research interests

My research combines a general focus on ideas and materiality with a specific interest in the roles of non-state actors, technologies and technical artefacts in contemporary global governance.


Global Regulations for a Digital Economy: Between New and Old Challenges

Interrogating Technology-led Experiments in Sustainability Governance


Technology, Small States and the Legitimacy of Digital Development: Combatting De-Risking Through Blockchain-Based Re-Risking?

Technology-led Governance in and Beyond the Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Continuity and Change in the International Political Economy

Beyond Scandal?: Blockchain Technologies and the Fragile Legitimacy of Post-2008 Finance

Blockchains, Trust and Action Nets: Extending the Pathologies of Financial Globalization

Experts, Matters and Actor-Networks

Facebook’s Libra and the International Politics of Financial Infrastructures

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Here is everything you need to know about the “travel rule” for cryptocurrencies

Is the Travel Rule Good or Bad for Crypto? Both

Pengenes privatisering

U.K. in Race to Rewrite Cryptocurrency Tax Rules

Cryptocurrency: The regulatory struggle of new age financial technology

I Already Have a Cryptocurrency: It’s Called Sephora Insider Points

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