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About us Practical matters How to find us M.A. (Malcolm) Campbell-Verduyn, PhD

Research interests

My research combines a general focus on ideas and materiality with a specific interest in the roles of non-state actors, technologies and technical artefacts in contemporary global governance.


Conjuring a cooler world?: Imaginaries of Improvement in Blockchain Climate Finance Experiments

Countering There is No Alternative (TINA) with a Collective Skepticism

Digital RMB vs. Dollar Hegemony?: Friendly Foes in China-US Currency Competition

Enrolling into exclusion: African blockchain and decolonial ambitions in an evolving finance/security infrastructure

Imaginary failure: RegTech in finance

Locating Infrastructural Agency: Computer Protocols at the Finance/Security Nexus

Reimagining blockchain in a pluriversal world: Digital land governance in the Global South and the metaverse

Understanding Emergent Technology, Instability and Power in International Political Economy

Enrolling into Exclusion: African Blockchain and Decolonial Ambitions in an Evolving Finance/Security Infrastructure

From Peer-Regulated Divisions to Unity in Web3: Implications of Blockchain Mutations for Internet Governance

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Can openness stop digital platforms from exploiting users?

Enrolling into Exclusion: African blockchain and decolonial ambitions in an evolving finance/security infrastructure

Gazing into the Crypto Ball: Why are Football Clubs Adopting Cryptocurrencies?

Approach with Caution: Blockchain Experimentation in the Indo-Pacific

Expert om FATF:s nya kryptoförslag: Verkar vilja att myndigheter ska blanda sig i mer

On Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology

Here is everything you need to know about the “travel rule” for cryptocurrencies

Is the Travel Rule Good or Bad for Crypto? Both

Pengenes privatisering

U.K. in Race to Rewrite Cryptocurrency Tax Rules

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