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A single QTL with large effect is associated with female functional virginity in an asexual parasitoid wasp

A chimeric gene paternally instructs female sex determination in the haplodiploid wasp Nasonia

Genomics of sex allocation in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis

Next-generation biological control: The need for integrating genetics and genomics

Sawfly genomes reveal evolutionary acquisitions that fostered the mega-radiation of parasitoid and eusocial Hymenoptera

Adaptive differences in circadian clock gene expression patterns and photoperiodic diapause induction in Nasonia vitripennis

Latitudinal variation in circadian rhythmicity in Nasonia vitripennis

Life-history traits of the Whiting polyploid line of the parasitoid Nasonia vitripennis

Natural and artificial selection for parasitoid resistance in Drosophila melanogaster leave different genetic signatures

Evidence for involvement of a transformer paralog in sex determination of the wasp Leptopilina clavipes

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Onderzoekers RUG ontdekken waarom wespenvaders alleen maar dochters krijgen

What egg-producing housefly males can tell us about the evolution of sex determination