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Absence of complementary sex determination in two Leptopilina species (Figitidae, Hymenoptera) and a reconsideration of its incompatibility with endosymbiont-induced thelytoky

Doublesex regulates male-specific differentiation during distinct developmental time windows in a parasitoid wasp

Strong variation in frequencies of male and female determiners between neighboring housefly populations

A re‐assessment of within‐host mating behavior in the Nasonia species complex

A single QTL with large effect is associated with female functional virginity in an asexual parasitoid wasp

Contribution of opsins and chromophores to cone pigment variation across populations of Lake Victoria cichlids

A chimeric gene paternally instructs female sex determination in the haplodiploid wasp Nasonia

Genomics of sex allocation in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis

Next-generation biological control: The need for integrating genetics and genomics

Sawfly genomes reveal evolutionary acquisitions that fostered the mega-radiation of parasitoid and eusocial Hymenoptera

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Onderzoekers RUG ontdekken waarom wespenvaders alleen maar dochters krijgen

What egg-producing housefly males can tell us about the evolution of sex determination