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University Medical Center Groningen

E. (Liesbeth) Kool

PhD student, educational scientist, teacher/educator
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How to improve newly qualified midwives' transition-into-practice: A Delphi study

Midwives’ occupational wellbeing and its determinants: A cross-sectional study among newly qualified and experienced Dutch midwives

Midwives’ perceptions of the performance- and transition into practice of newly qualified midwives, a focus group study

Midwives' work-related fear and anxiety and its impact on their wellbeing and performance. A qualitative study of perceived anxiety in community midwives

Untangling the elements of midwives' occupational wellbeing: a study among newly qualified and experienced midwives

Intentions to leave and actual turnover of community midwives in the Netherlands: A mixed method study exploring the reasons why

The initiation of Dutch newly qualified hospital-based midwives in practice, a qualitative study

Ambachtsmens of onderzoeker?: Academische en onderzoekscompetenties bij professioneel begeleiders

Perceived job demands and resources of newly qualified midwives working in primary care settings in The Netherlands

Transition to Practice for Newly Qualified Midwives in the Netherlands

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