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How to find us dr. L. (Lidewijde) de Jong

Research interests

I am an archaeologist of the Near East in the Roman period. My research focuses on the dynamics of ancient empires and identity formation, and extends to the era of the Hellenistic-Seleucid kings, preceding Roman control, and the period after Rome was replaced by Byzantine and Early Islamic rulers. I take a bottom-up approach to ancient imperialism by investigating the cultural expressions of local communities. Funerary customs in particular, provide key insights to the formation and renegotiation of local identities in the face of imperial and globalizing forces. I am also interested in archaeological theory, digital approaches, and initiatives aimed at safeguarding cultural heritage of the Middle East.
Key words: Archaeology of the Hellenistic and Roman Near East, Mortuary Studies, Ancient Empires, Globalization and Identity, Diversity and Sustainability, Archaeological Heritage in Conflict zones, and Digitalization/Digital Databases


Pronkjewails in verre oorden: Gronings onderzoek naar de dood in het oostelijk Middellandse Zeegebied

Wiens graf? Discrepanties tussen beeld, tekst, object, ruimte en menselijke resten in een Palmyreense tombe

Monuments, landscape, and memory: The emergence of tower-tombs in Tadmor-Palmyra

Seleukeia Sidera Kuzey Nekropolisi 2018 Yılı Çalışmaları

Death: A cultural history

Death and burial in early Palmyra: Reflections on urbanization, imperialism, and the creation of memorial landscapes

Living on the Edge: The Roman Empire in the North Mesopotamian Steppe

Work at the Ancient City of Seleukeia Sidera in 2017

The Archaeology of Death in Roman Syria: Burial, Commemoration, and Empire

Roman Funerary Practices in Tyre and Baalbek

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Virtual tour of Palmyra

Universiteitskrant Groningen, “Stopping ISIS” (7-11-2015)

Palmyra's brave treasurer

Radio interview BNR nieuwsradio – Paul van Liempt (1-6-2015)

Archeologe RUG houdt hart vast voor bezet Palmyra

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