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dr. L. de Jong

Associate Professor and Rosalind Franklin Fellow
dr. L. de Jong

Burial and Commemoration in the Roman Province

This research project investigates the negotiation of local identity through funerary practices in a period of extending imperialism and globalization in the Near Eastern provinces of the Roman empire. It builds on my research on cemeteries in Roman Lebanon and Syria. A new project extends the investigation of the blossoming of local funerary styles to neighboring regions of Turkey and Jordan and includes osteological, textual, and art-historical sources.

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Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey project

Since 2012, the Groningen Institute of Archaeology participates in the Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey (EPAS) in North Iraq (Kurdistan), directed by Prof. Jason Ur (Harvard University) in collaboration with the Directorate of Antiquities for the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage. The project combines a study of historical satellite and aerial photographs with on the ground survey and investigates the long-term impact of ancient empires on the rural landscape of North Iraq. The Groningen Institute of Archaeology concentrates on the post-Assyrian periods. Located in the Hellenistic heartland and, subsequently, in the zone of conflict between Romans and Parthians, investigation of the hinterland of Erbil provides new insights about the lives of local villagers between the 3rd c BC and the 3rd c AD.

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