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Philosophy and the Language of the People: The Claims of Common Speech from Petrarch to Locke

Lorenzo Valla, Dialectical Disputations

In Defense of Common Sense. Lorenzo Valla’s Humanist Critique of Scholastic Philosophy

Latin as a Common Language: The Coherence of Lorenzo Valla’s Humanist Program

The Critique of Scholastic Language in Renaissance Humanism and Early Modern Philosophy

Robert Boyle and Natural Kinds

Lorenzo Valla

Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Thomas Hobbes. Timothy Raylor. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. xviii + 334 pp. $70.

De Schotse Verlichting: een ontmoeting met David Hume

De-essentializing the World: Valla, Agricola, Vives, and Nizolio on Universals and Topics

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Spinozapremie 2016